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Software Company

Hetman Software Company is pleased to announce the launch of the Russian version of Hetman Uneraser. This is a simple tool with an intuitive user interface and wide opportunities restoration, which make it a versatile solution to recover all file types. The program supports all major file systems, works with all types of media devices connected to the user's system. The program is designed to recover files lost as a result of drops in electricity, hardware, software or human error. One of the distinguishing features of the program – is the ability to preview files before recovery. 'We intended to create a tool that will tell people what they can recover. On the market there are many tools and suggestions for data recovery, but users can not be assessed in advance of what they pay money.

We have chosen a different path and made the right choice. Our public opinion polls have shown that this function like so many users, 'said Michael , ceo Hetman Software. Users can now get a list of deleted files and choose a location for recovery. List files can be filtered by several criteria, and use the search on remote files, for that would choose which ones need to be rebuilt. The process of data retrieval is very much like to work with standard window Windows Explorer, and files can be recovered with a single mouse click. Utility Hetman Uneraser is a versatile tool for all categories of users, who need effective means of rapid data recovery.

The program supports major file systems: vfat, FAT12 / 16 / 32, ntfs / NTFS4 / NTFS5 and runs under any popular operating system Windows 95 / 98 / Me / nt / 2000 / xp / 2003 / Vista. The program recovers files from all common types of card cameras, memory cards, mobile phones, usb devices and hard drives. With an intuitive interface and features pre- view different types of files, the program has been praised in the English-speaking users, both novices and experienced users. Price and localization software Hetman Uneraser russified and contains detailed background information. A free demo version is available for download on its website. In the demo version you can scan a vehicle that would assess the ability to recover deleted files. For Russian users of the cost of the program is only 1100 rubles. As a registered user, you get to save found files, and free technical support.

Duty Modern Warfare

All fans of Call Of Duty, no doubt, waiting for this event: Modern Warfare Release 3. Many people around the world know and love CoD: mw – one of the most recognized in the genre fps (first person shooter) game. Its heroes fought bravely in times of uncertainty, let restoration of Soviet power in Russia, fought in Siberia. All fans are hoping that once again the time will come when it is necessary to restore peace in the world, to cut off detachments of villains at the call of duty. Released Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 still Unknown. It is assumed that the release will take place in 2011. It's been over a year since its release, but information on the third part of the game is still not very much. Still there is hope that staging and directing the third part remain at the same high level as the previous part of the trilogy.

There are two basic views on the development of the plot: the main line would be a logical continuation of the second part of the game, or a dip in our Weekday Vietnam War. And do not even think about the disappointment of a weapon in Modern Warfare 3: Looking to the second part, we can assume that MW3 will consist of about 70 varieties of weapons to any most refined taste: automata, machine guns, pistols, sniper rifles, and so-forth. Although such a distant and unspecified release date, can already be some forecasts. 8 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 should be an excellent online shooter, like his predecessors, and CoD4 CoD6, in which a player with a head able to dive into the exciting battles that unfold on the huge expanse of the battlefield. And despite the common assumption that the linear toys attain the age, in this game, we still see what a real shooter. It's impossible not to recall the great first two parts, which are already not ideal linear gameplay was inundated with so many events – relaxation was it is simply impossible – around constantly something happens.

Previously, the game series lets you really feel like a party going on on-screen events, it is hoped that in MW3 again we see an extremely realistic and vivid scenes and events. Just want to believe that the creators of the genre will remember the name of the game – Action – Modern Warfare 3 and he will be fully fit. High-quality picture and sound – that's things you need first-class shooter, and just think MW3 will meet modern games on these indicators, as consistent and the first two parts. Creators of the game promise to us: Modern Warfare 3 immerse the player into the atmosphere stunning graphics and special effects, which again will allow the player to feel in the heart of the event and do not pay attention to details, such as the linearity of the story. Yes, the manufacturers have not released a plot of the game and is difficult to say where this time will throw the fate of brave warriors, but definitely we can say that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 does not leave his fans disappointed, and fans of the game to once again plunge into the familiar atmosphere of bloody battles for peace.