Test Points Massage Pangao

Experience with massage points Our people (Russians, users, computer, etc.) do not like to read, read carefully, read to the end – the instructions, but very curious, as children who presented with a toy and wants to quickly check it in action. The first experience in the operation of massage points we got, nearly ruined and destroyed the massager 2 batteries after a few sessions of massage – testing work, the impact of staff experience and amateurs. If a battery compartment, there are two batteries included, so that someone is needed, we decided to immediately put them into the massager and incorporated into a network of 220 V. It has been speculated that the batteries are needed, for example, to play the built-in music – the sounds. before the operation, remove the.) No network or near you on the road trip – use a battery, and better batteries. Why emerged batteries when running on 220? When you switch to the network 220 to terminals (slots) of the battery compartment once power is supplied to +3, even without including the start button massage. Batteries not like, but we were charging them until they began to flow.

Conclusion 2: the battery compartment is not only used to battery life, but also as a charger. families have purchased massage points. We usually like to test them before sale, and quietly gave. What was our surprise when all at once complained that the glasses once worked and everything, no longer show signs of cheerfulness and optimism. We were disappointed and puzzled by it. Oddly verify, there remain no doubt that something may occur later or in other conditions.

Only after a certain period of reliable operation and no claims, there is belief in the perfect good health. (Lack of confidence from a seller increases the confidence of the buyer). They took back all of the testing.