The Email Job Application Process

The question of how to write an email to send your CV has become more frequent. This is due to high demand from banks work, consultancies and employment agencies looking for people whose training can register online to be elected by those who demand labor personnel to various areas. Then there are two things to take into account from the question “how to write an email to send resume?. On the one hand the curriculum itself and the other how to send it via email. Basic diagram of the Curriculum Vitae The curriculum vitae describes the path or the path followed along the s work experience must include any personal or professional information that helps understand this route, such as managed languages, postgraduate … etc. All information must be reliable and verifiable, and his statement must be clear and as short as possible.

The basic elements to include are: Personal Data Pro lens Fromacion Other academic courses and professional seminars Experiencai Computer Languages Other interesting facts Recommendations for CV writing of general rules that a good Curriculim Vitae must follow are as follows: The curriculum must be written specifically thinking of the position applied for or in the area of interest, in this way can highlight the specific skills offered by its structure must be clear and careful: everything must be ordered in a logical and should be read easily. Sentences should be short and should avoid excessive use of adjectives. The resume should be informative but concise. Its size should be no more than 2-3 veneers (pages). The ideal is to synthesize the most relevant information on the first facet, since usually only read the first facet to pre-select.

Must be written without spelling errors, grammar or syntax. How to write email to send resume? Most employers these days will be happy with you send the resume as “attachment” via email. The content of the email sent must include the following: Details of the sender on the left side (like a letter) Name, location, email, etc. Date on the right side (like a letter) Name of person or department to whom it may concern A brief personal introduction in which signifies the aim of the email you send (3-4 lines maximum) A reminder that the CV has been sent as attachment A close formal and Recommendations for writing thank-mail to send the CV first send it via email to yourself, to see how the recipient will receive. It is essential to correctly use upper and lowercase. It is desirable that the source is homogeneous (same type, size and color). Do not forget to attach your CV file and ensures that the file format to send is: Word Document (. Doc), Rich Text Format (. Rtf), Web Format (. Html) or PDF (. Pdf)