University Clinic Freiburg

Also in terms of sustainability, OSB products recommend sustainable”: PEFC or FSC certification are actually granted, the raw materials come from sustainably managed forest areas. At this point, responsible companies have installed long certified environmental management systems. Hygienic food and particularly OSB boards are now also available with a Lebensmittelechtheits certificate, what satisfies ultimately also particularly critical customers. In addition, also so far not wood material typical areas of application for planners and processors are interesting. Based on research results of the German Institute of food technology, the Institute of environmental medicine and hospital epidemiology of the University Clinic Freiburg has tested use pine heartwood in the hospital. It was found, that the hygiene-wood with as well as without disinfectant of significantly fewer germs than plastic surfaces. The study shows the antibacterial effect of pine core wood from the hygienic point of view, nothing in the way is a use of wood in the hospital. Design and design to discover more and more architects and designers the material for their own purposes and use OSB boards for design tasks.

Often, it is desired but also by the customer. No imagination in OSB the found dyed in furniture construction with flat parts, such as countertops, cabinets or shelves, as a decorative point of view element in the indoor area or with a corresponding coating on the outside facade or in the original look of the OSB. OSB panels with polished surfaces can be fitted with virtually all commercially available coatings that are suitable and adapted to the respective application area for pine. These include e.g. paints, varnishes, waxes, oils and stains. Conclusion your qualified HolzLand trading partners leads for you the correct Board type for each application. Contact us- We supply answers and the right material!