Unterhaching Systems

Through the systematic use of Scafftag security will protect in every phase of scaffolding construction guaranteed security measures with security systems employees from dangers during the construction of substructures. “The structure is under construction or has it not passed, so is on the mount clearly visible: scaffolding must not be used”. Establishing or checking completes successfully, filling in the green side of the mortise plate and put it in the holder. Thus indicated clearly on the serviceability of the scaffold at the time of the audit. The tests, which take place at regular intervals in accordance with regulations, be entered on the respective insertion label. The systematic use of Scafftag ensures the security for each employee in each phase of construction control systems.

The Scafftag systems are available with round or rectangular cut-out. A set’s Scafftag contains 10 mounts with two pins and 20 insert signs. The badges must be ordered separately. A pack contains 50 badges. “This packaging unit is also available for the load classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 additional badges with the print ban by auditors” are also at macro IDENT. All kits and badges are available in German, English, Dutch and other languages. MACRO IDENT features a wide range of different security systems for scaffolding, ladders, small machines, equipment for chemical hazardous substances and to the inspection and maintenance of machinery and equipment (Lockout / Tagout systems).

These systems protect workers from hazards posed by current machines or electricity. Thus, staff in the maintenance, cleaning, and maintenance of machinery and electric equipment can safely do their work. There is an additional hedge against their own errors or mistakes. The lockout – tagout systems are very clearly visible to everyone. There are interlocks and barriers (lockout) for mechanical and electrical hazards. Safety trailer (Tagout) are very robust labels that inform that the locked device or the locked facility not be allowed, as long as the label is attached.