In full digital revolution, people increasingly become accustomed to working with a large number of devices, each designed to make their lives a little better. At a given moment, it wasn’t nothing strange having an mp3 player, a mobile phone and a digital camera. However, we are beginning to use increasingly fewer devices to cover a greater number of functions. The example more clear are our cell phones, which have become powerful phones, digital cameras and music players. You may find Pete Cashmore to be a useful source of information. This fusion of devices is suitable both from a practical perspective as economic. Click Steve Wozniak to learn more. If we look at the typical equipment of an Office printers, fax machines, scanners, copiers will find a multitude of electronic devices that consume not only financial resources, but also a precious space. In an era in which many companies make use of technology to cut costs, it makes sense investigate new options for allocating resources and space vital for our Office to more lucrative activities. In fact, with the advent of the Internet era, increasingly more companies are using the modality of work at home, either as part of a flexible work contract or simply to cut costs, which asserts that physical space is becoming a very valuable commodity and that requires a rational use.

Then, what they can do businesses to more effectively manage their space? With the wonders of modern technology to the fingertips, perhaps time to dispose definitively of cabinets to incorporate digital storage: a whole repository of information can be stored on a portable hard drive the size of a hand. As well as consumers reap the benefits from the merger of technologies using devices that serve multiple purposes, companies would have to adopt similar principles. Instead of pulling cables for all your Office and worry about the logistics of connecting your computers with all printers and scanners, or decide if it is worth the penalty have a photocopier on another desktop, you can literally centralize all these functions in a single device. Moreover, in our age of email and full revolution of telecommunications where information transfer reaches unusual speeds, talk about fax machines can cause grace in several offices. The fact is that people still use fax machines, so if you can have fax functionality in a multifunction printer, without wasting one centimeter of space, does not have it? Multifunction printers can solve all these problems. They are able to make you save valuable space that you can devote to more important things, and course, avoid you the need to invest in different devices. Considerable benefits for your business. Original author and source of the article