Our weakness starts when finding that it is basic for our lives that the people accept in them, consider in them, them love, etc. Is good, however is not essential and yes that let us accept in them of the skill that we are. As to wait that the people enjoy of our company, if we ourselves we do not enjoy them.

When we feel badly with us, we all block the good that the life reserves for us. The life was wise when placing all power of transformation inside of us, only depends on us our transformation, therefore it is on our control, if we go to use it or not, the problem starts to be alone ours. It thinks: ‘ ‘ You only have you you stop changing voc.’ ‘ The rejection of itself makes with that if it becomes executioner of its life.You are a promise of this life. Development of Auto-love is the force capable to breach chains, crossbars, cadeados, fetters that imprison in them to the emptiness of the soul and to the pacts that bring in them sufferings and we understand when it, changes start to occur in our lives.

The power to take care of of us is only, cannot be divided with nobody. As it can have balance of us inside, if to open hand of this power. The only pact that will be able in giving security to them in this life, is to trust our proper forces. Thus we will only be authors and actors of our proper pacts.