Internet Web Pages

In a previous article you learned, in what formats you can save Web pages from the Internet to their continued storage on your computer. They are: A Web archive file (*. mht) Text file (*. txt) Web page, only HTML (*. htm; *.

html) Web Page, complete (*. htm; *. html), of course, they can be stored on your computer in the form in which they were kept, but in this case, their appearance to be desired. On the page there will be elements that do not carry currently no information. This points or navigation buttons, advertising banners and blocks various counters ratings and statistics and so on. To make the page more attractive and reduce its volume, although at present hard disk drive of this sort would not worry, you can edit it. For editing in any Web editor, some minimal knowledge of how to use it is still desirable.

This is what will be discussed below. A single file Web archive. A single file Web archive (*. mht), in my opinion, not subject to editing, at least this way I do not know. Text file. With this method remains only being on the web page text. No absolutely graphics, but unnecessary text quite a lot. Edited in any text editor. File is very small in volume. If you edit in Notepad, then 'decorate' the file will fail. If in Microsoft Word or similar, then as you wish, you can specify pin type and size, color, and anything else that allows you to make the program itself.