The Xbox

It provides a high level of graphics and has good multimedia capabilities. It is true in console is not BD-drive, but it is not yet a really serious problem, especially since you can connect an external device (at this writing for xbox 360 released only the external HD DVD-drives, but should be expected imminent appearance of BD-drive). More information about the technical characteristics of consoles can be read here. But the appearance of the console disappoint. Simple housing in black or white, is more reminiscent of the usual computer – there is not a glossy ambitions psp, nor minimalist Wii. Near the modern HD-panels that decision looks pretty clumsy. Given the possibility of Microsoft, we would expect something more interesting.

However, to call xbox 360 very very ugly as it is impossible. Worthwhile attention xbox 360? Absolutely! After all written above, the reader may give the opinion that the xbox 360 – this is a nightmare which even contact is not necessary. However, this is not the case. The most important thing in a game console – a game. And here you will find the widest choice. And not just a lot of games, among them there are real masterpieces, some of which have been created only for xbox 360. Manufacturers are in this game prefix – nearly all of contemporary products and fitted to the console. And many of these games on the PC and do not appear.

To date, the number written for the xbox 360 games are already counted in the hundreds. The result can be summed as follows. If you want to get a good gameplay, with a high level of graphics, then be sure to pay attention to xbox 360. Especially considering the fact that there is this attachment is much cheaper than PS3, to much yet written a few games. As for the high level of marriage and the "red ring of death", then there is really not so scary. First, the problem is constant and successful struggle. A second Microsoft has always been good service. Yes, xbox 360 could be called the very "golden mean" between the original, but thin and heaped Wii, but expensive psp.