Italian Granite

To date, ceramic granite is in great demand in Russia. By definition, granite (from the Italian 'gres porcellanato') is one of the new technology in ceramics manufacture and present unique material for decoration. Experts are not without reason, consider porcelain of the highest stage of improvement of manufacturing ceramic tiles, massively used in the decoration of houses, residential premises, shops, and in addition to landscape design. All elementary, granite is composed of the clay from the impurities of feldspar, natural colored pigments, quartz. The mixture was compressed under extremely high pressure, then dried and baked at high temperatures. Going sintering raw material, thereby forming a monolith. In the end, comes out very strong, non-porous material with a pattern over the entire depth.

Needless to say, repeats the process of birth of natural stone, but in a much more accelerated form. Therefore ceramic often used as an alternative to natural stone – it's cheaper and is endowed with higher technical properties. With regard to consumer characteristics, the granite is inherent in such property, as a very little water absorption – about 0.05%. This is the lowest among the existing ceramic materials, and even lower, bathed in any natural stone that allows the use of granite for the exterior cladding buildings in different climatic zones. Chinese porcelain of the least susceptible to abrasion. It belongs to the latter, a very high stability of the group to wear and corrosive environments.

That is why such material invaluable in areas with a large flow of people (shops, airports). Should say that he does not change color or fade in the sun. Restrictions on its use practically none. They veneer surface both outside and inside. Recommended area of tiles determined by their type. Thus, over the tiles with natural surface to look more difficult than for the polished, and the home she hardly fits. There he had the advantage of laying the floor in the garage, utility room, workshop – quite fit. For exterior walls, floors in technical areas, sidewalks or stairs will be an ideal option, tile anti-slip coating. Porcelain tile has a huge scope. It is used when laying the floor, balcony, steps, as well as its use as a veneer interior and exterior walls.