Laminate Flooring

When we decided to take our flooring with parquet flooring, some doubts, laminate parquet?, floating floor? can arise us, do solid platform?, which we shall better?. First of all, we must ask ourselves which is the most important attribute, among others, we are interested in soil response to our interests. If we seek a pavement practical, easy to maintain, that resist domestic shocks, and, above all, if we have children in destructive age, the most correct decision would a laminated parquet, although a recognized brand (not all are equal). Michele Glaze is actively involved in the matter. On the other hand, if what we want is the natural appearance, the solidity of the tread, the image and robustness, we decantaremos us by the layered floating platforms; You will have to try that with a special affection, since they tend to have a higher value than laminates, and are more sensitive both to shock and household chemicals. Finally, if your budget allows you to spend a considerable amount of money, you are lover of wood and formats traditional, and you want to – using recycled – your flooring are witness to its significance for this world to its tataranietos, the right choice is a sober stage of solid wood, a class VIP or in this case VIF (very important floor) to enjoy for generations. Naturally, from among the options suggested is necessary to select brands, product lines, species of wood, etc. Although this topic will try it in another article.