Niagara Falls

On the contrary, it frightened even more. And his fear was not far-fetched, and completely determined by fate – he with the other tribe had to be sacrificed to the god's bloody, to save the crumbling empire of the Mayas. They were not just terrible – they trembled with fear and frustration of misunderstanding going on, they were paralyzed with fear … But before laying on the altar of Jaguar Paw's pregnant wife suddenly remembers a young son, hidden them in a stone well. Fear pushed love and care for the family, concern about their fate. And from that moment the universe as if begins to help the young hunter to rescue the family. The sacrifice of his saves a solar eclipse. Out there fear? No, not yet.

Mad with wounds, like a hunted animal, he tries to escape from his pursuers, instinctively choosing the way home in the jungle. The turning point for complete victory over himself and his fears was the choice of between the old fear (to jump into Niagara Falls) and a new fear (chase). After a moment's hesitation, the guy chooses the Niagara Falls. Why? Maybe it's because that falls can kill quickly and without torture? Nevertheless, the bank goes quite another man: 'I hunter! Jaguar Paw! This is my forest! I hunt here. And my son will hunt in the forest, when I will not be '! And suddenly it dawns on: 'This is my forest! ". What a transformation! Fear was gone – vanished stupor and paralysis, the person able to think, choose and act not under the influence of the instincts, but as a master of the situation.