The Initial Stages Of Space Exploration

Design study of space stations of various types in recent years engaged quite actively. In particular, several options have been considered by various American companies. This is a great base-station weight Hundreds of tons, designed for a crew of 50-100 people. At the stations planned to create artificial gravity, and to supply electricity to provide nuclear power plant. The central issue in the creation of major stations – is the choice of the optimal form and methods of assembly in orbit. The views of experts agree that the base-station will be collected from several types of blocks of various sizes. The station can take the form of the torus, hub with the blades, stars, wheels, weights and other forms to help you easily implement the rotation of the station, at the expense of which will be an artificial gravity. Establishment of large plants will require effective methods of installation in space, the choice of rational methods of approach and docking. In this sense, is of interest to build blocks of the station with a special vehicle-towing. Set of complex automated apparatus, with which the search launched on the block, capture it and joining with other blocks in this case will be set only by boat-towing. The blocks will have a simplified apparatus, that drastically reduce their cost. The ship towing can be equipped with fully automated control system, remote control from Earth or from onboard the space station and to assemble in space without a human presence. The variant of towing with manual control.