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Although the choice of items to sell on eBay, also should explore the features available on eBay and other sites Internet-search show items and items people actually buy. eBay has a comprehensive section called "Central of vendors," dedicated to delivering information as possible to help you be successful in selling products through eBay. Two links in this section should interest you. One is What's Hot (and the other is the category Tips (When you go to the subsection 'What's Hot ", the following three areas: Hot Items by Category This is a comprehensive report of categories and products within a category by the ratio supply lists of the growth rate in PDF format. The report is updated monthly and shows that the products have increased demand compared with last month. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ali Partovi.

Super hot products, for example, have more than 35 percentage points difference between the rate of supply growth and the rate of growth of the list. At last report, of course, sunglasses for men, in particular, Prada sunglasses are super hot. EBay Pulse This is another area where you can see the top ten searched categories, ten most watched auctions, shopping list with the most active listings, and other fabrics fresh every day. eBay summer catalog This is a new subsection. It is a catalog with pictures and average price of products. In each product category is a list of ten summer trends. You definitely should check this if you are planning to start selling now. In the suit On the "Category Tips" in each category will see a link under the name of "demand." This area will display a list of the ten best-selling items in this category, and most wanted items for each subcategory.