Strategic Goals

. To draw up goals in the short term gives to a long term vision and a motivation you. We are on the verge of initiating 2011, we are without a doubt great sleepy, but he is vitally important to count on a planning strategic and to draw up concrete goals. It assigns an exclusive time to define and to plan your goals step by step Is most important it personal motivation to be sleepy visualized in the mind, but in fact it is not sufficient with dreaming, because only the action is the one that can crystallize those yearned for dreams. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ali Partovi. 2011 promise to be a full year of opportunities for that it has had taken care of to draw up strategic goals and has the approach, the decision and the delivery to fulfill them step by step. The dreams are motivating but intangible illusions, the goals however are concrete routes with defined form, specific time for their creation and fulfillment, established process of action. You do not allow that your dream remains suspended in an illusion without possibility of becoming in fact. Permteme to share with you Lines of my book Conciencia de Riqueza and Inner Armona You have asked yourself sometimes which are the specific characteristics of those human beings who advance in their life to exaggerated steps, reaching profits, generating and multiplying their possessions and their well-being, while others remain in a life suspended in the deficiency, the infelicidad and stress? You have thought that it is what drives to those men and women of great personal power, to glimpse a way of success through any obstacle, to see more realised its yearned for dreams, while others fight and fail, without being able to advance? The winners, people with success mentality and who already have accumulated results, know of precise form to where they want to arrive and in what direction to advance to fulfill his goals.