Standard Software Windows Xp

Programs can be found here C: WINDOWSSystem32 makes no sense to describe all programs. Kam VedBrat spoke with conviction. Part of the program is intended only for professionals. Consider only those that can actually be useful. cleanmgr.exe – Disk Space Cleanup Manager for Windows cmd.exe – Windows Command Processor (Command Line) convert.exe – File System Conversion Utility drwatson.exe – Watson explorer.exe – Windows Explorer ftp.exe – File Transfer Program iexpress.exe – Wizzard ipconfig.exe – IP Configuration Utility mmc.exe – Microsoft Management Console msconfig.exe – System Configuration Utility netstat.exe – TCP / IP Netstat Command nslookup.exe – nslookup APP ping.exe – TCP / IP Ping Command sfc.exe – System File Checker shutdown.exe – Windows Remote Shutdown Tool tracert.exe – TCP / IP Traceroute Command Program started via Start – Run – type the name of the program – OK, or via the command line: Start – Run – cmd.exe – OK. Input program name. cleanmgr.exe Cleanup disk space for Windows – Disk Space Cleanup Manager for Windows Disk Cleanup program is used to free hard disk space by deleting temporary Internet files, installed components and programs that are no longer used, and empty the trash. The program runs through the Start-Run-cleanmgr.

cmd.exe Windows Command Processor (Command Line). In a simple start-up, without specifying the command line, the console displays operating system version information, copyright and OS developers command line itself, which can be entered as command line parameter of the program cmd.exe, and any external command. Detailed description program is to help Windows convert.exe command-line utility used to convert volumes to the file system FAT and FAT32 volumes in the file system NTFS. Description and parameters of the utility is to help Windows drwatson.exe DrWatson Postmortem Debugger. The program, "Watson (Drwtsn32.exe) installed in the system folder when you install Windows. The parameters used by default, are set when you first start the program, "Dr. Watson", which is performed when a programming error or the command user. If there is a bug in the Windows system searches for a handler bugs.

It handles errors as they occur during program execution. If you find a processor fails, system verifies that the application was not in debug mode, and then consider the error as not to be treated. Next, the system searches for the debugger software bugs in the system registry and handles such errors. A detailed description of the program is in the Windows Help Continue reading article here: The standard Windows XP programs