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CPU Monitor

Beat on the wall or monitor the processing unit. Pour hot or cold water, CPU, monitor. Pick the processing unit or a monitor with a screwdriver, knife, fork, crowbar, crowbar and other similar instruments. You can! Poking his fingers on the keyboard. Poking a mouse.

Read How-to programs. Ask the children what to do. Experiment – what would happen if … Note: Expensive parts of the computer – the processor unit and monitor. The mouse and keyboard are much cheaper, even if heaped up. In the case of the laptop there is no cheap parts, except the bag and adapter, and a relative. Repair is difficult, but the machine itself can fix yourself. It also laid the creators.

And, again, to sell as much as possible computers. Fully restore or update software over the usual computer shuts down three or four hours and without any human intervention. It can make you a good specialist or your child. The main thing to remember and retain the information. Myth – A computer is needed for complicated things. The computer can calculate and build the spacecraft and control their flight from Earth to design bridges and mnogokilometrovye stoetazhnye skyscrapers, explore the human and diagnosis, as well as many other important and relevant cases. But that's not all. The computer is also used for such simple and necessary in everyday life affairs such as: Correspondence – Send and receive short messages emails Community – Chat Community Voice – Voice Chat Listen to music watching movies reading books to find specific information on the Internet and writing articles, etc. – instead of writing Keeping cars right information in digital form instead of bulky and dusty folders and boxes … and much more – you name it and learn it all very easily and discreetly, if … if you have normal human wish to use, no more. The rest will take care of your inquisitive nature. Sit down at the computer and turn it on. The computer itself will teach you what to do, how to handle it. And if you're still a coward, then let me go ahead and watch the baby after him. Children of all ages – is the most advanced, progressive part of humanity. Only God forbid you make him their comments. No way! You ruin the young shoots and make child in the same funk. And he had in front of the future – his whole life. So, if you are a housewife, and you have all three grades of education, then this is enough to safely use computers and benefit from this huge pleasure. Three-class education enough to read the letter and understood that tells you your computer. Stages of learning computer skills I'm afraid of him! Help me! Show me. How interesting! And this is What's this? What if …? Get away! Do not bother! And anyway, it's my computer! Note: Almost all children begin immediately with stage 4! PC Quick Reference Guide for advanced user of MS Build on your hard drive at least two logical drives C and D drive C use to store programs. If necessary, the disc can be erased (formatted) and record the program (install it) again. Use the D drive to store their documents – articles, electronic books, photos, music, movies, etc. Use the licensed anti-virus software. They can be (and rightly so) to update daily. This will help you keep your software and documents security. Continuation may be))

Hardware Tips

But usually come with operating systems drivers key hardware components, without which the system can not work. However, for some devices (such as a graphics card or printer) may require special drivers, usually provided by the manufacturer. Now we take a drive with the name of motherboard install, and insert it into the Latok Sidor and it should start automatically. Fully follow the instructions autoloader. During the installation, Drivers will be rebooted several times. We wait until the end of the installation and change the disk with the drivers from the motherboard to the video card driver from the CD drive in a patch. Again, instructions execute autoloader.

After installation, video and basic devices can be assumed that the OS installation is finished. Now let's consider the process of activating windose. Note: as you can get into the hands of the disk from different sources can be activated also differ, read the file Readme.txt. Some discs do not require activation. In some versions of Windows XP that require activation. Crack will need to install in safe mode otherwise it will not work. To do this, perform the following steps. 1.) Crack.exe Copy the C: drive 2.) Reboot the computer.

3.) Load the OS in Safe Mode To do this at boot time after the post test, hold the Shift key or press F8. 4.) After loading the operating system in a secure mode run Crack.exe to the C: drive 5.) After working Crack.exe Reboot the machine in normal mode and get a fully registered functional system. Enjoy. Summary In order to install Windows, you need 1.) Build a CD with software and operating system for your configuration. 2.) Clever configuration of disk space. 3.) Breaking physical disk into multiple logical. 4.) Install the OS. 5.) Install the program drivers for your configuration. 6.) Activate Windows Note: The above actions are entirely valid for installation on a new car bought for home use. When you reinstall the operating system in cases of failure are made other actions, these actions are covered under other topics. The information provided in this article does not purport to be presented and a description of the concept in order to help the beginner understand the user to install the OS. If you are not qualified enough, do not attempt to install the OS on the job. To do this, there is a specially trained people who know all the additional nuances. If difficulties or were unable to cope with what may be a problem do not be afraid to consult with more experienced users. Well, like everything that was going to say in this topic. I want to wish you success in the development of computer. Do not forget to leave comments it will help me decide in the direction of development of the theme about the development of a computer. Original:

Standard Software Windows Xp

Programs can be found here C: WINDOWSSystem32 makes no sense to describe all programs. Kam VedBrat spoke with conviction. Part of the program is intended only for professionals. Consider only those that can actually be useful. cleanmgr.exe – Disk Space Cleanup Manager for Windows cmd.exe – Windows Command Processor (Command Line) convert.exe – File System Conversion Utility drwatson.exe – Watson explorer.exe – Windows Explorer ftp.exe – File Transfer Program iexpress.exe – Wizzard ipconfig.exe – IP Configuration Utility mmc.exe – Microsoft Management Console msconfig.exe – System Configuration Utility netstat.exe – TCP / IP Netstat Command nslookup.exe – nslookup APP ping.exe – TCP / IP Ping Command sfc.exe – System File Checker shutdown.exe – Windows Remote Shutdown Tool tracert.exe – TCP / IP Traceroute Command Program started via Start – Run – type the name of the program – OK, or via the command line: Start – Run – cmd.exe – OK. Input program name. cleanmgr.exe Cleanup disk space for Windows – Disk Space Cleanup Manager for Windows Disk Cleanup program is used to free hard disk space by deleting temporary Internet files, installed components and programs that are no longer used, and empty the trash. The program runs through the Start-Run-cleanmgr.

cmd.exe Windows Command Processor (Command Line). In a simple start-up, without specifying the command line, the console displays operating system version information, copyright and OS developers command line itself, which can be entered as command line parameter of the program cmd.exe, and any external command. Detailed description program is to help Windows convert.exe command-line utility used to convert volumes to the file system FAT and FAT32 volumes in the file system NTFS. Description and parameters of the utility is to help Windows drwatson.exe DrWatson Postmortem Debugger. The program, "Watson (Drwtsn32.exe) installed in the system folder when you install Windows. The parameters used by default, are set when you first start the program, "Dr. Watson", which is performed when a programming error or the command user. If there is a bug in the Windows system searches for a handler bugs.

It handles errors as they occur during program execution. If you find a processor fails, system verifies that the application was not in debug mode, and then consider the error as not to be treated. Next, the system searches for the debugger software bugs in the system registry and handles such errors. A detailed description of the program is in the Windows Help Continue reading article here: The standard Windows XP programs