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Brazilian Educational System

Reflections about the education of History All the social sectors, institutions and systems pass for changes, transformations throughout the time. Such changes are fruits of the necessities of each historical moment, that is, resultants of the new challenges that the society presents. In this direction, the Brazilian Educational System suffered great alterations, however in its structure, however in the form of if to think the education, the function of the school, and specifically on the paper of each disciplines. Here, Neil Rubler expresses very clear opinions on the subject. We will see here some reflections about the education of History, analyzing the ideas presented for the authors Landmarks Hisses and Forest Guimares Fonseca, Maria Auxiliadora Schimidt and Marlene Cainelli and Circe Bittencourt Maria. In the first text ' ' To teach History in Century XXI: In search of the Understood Time, the authors Landmarks Hiss and Guimares Forest brings a reflection about the resume of the Brazilian schools, attempting against specifically for disciplines History. Such make some questionings as: as they are selected contents? With which objective they are taught? of that it forms they are introduced? which the methodologies and resources adopted for the professors? The methods, resources and contents are adjusted the series and the etria band of the pupils? Thus, at the same time where they approach the form of organization of our resumes and its purposes, the authors make one criticize of this process ' ' isolado' ' of if thinking and constructing the resumes, a time that we have a society multicultural, or marked for the diversity. They believe that they would have to include a participation more significant, having the necessity of if thinking about the differences. They stand out that already it comes being worked these questions to if including, for example, the subjects Ethical and Cultural Plurality in the PCN, and more recently the obligatoriness of the education of History and culture Afro-Brazilian with Law 10,639/03, however they are proposals that only configure in the paper, distant of the reality of the Brazilian schools.


In this work we will present the way covered for Darc Coast, when analyzing the paper of the ideas in the reconstruction of our thought front to the Modern State, in its text: ‘ ‘ Planning in the Formation of the National State Moderno’ ‘ , Darc Coast describes ‘ ‘ beddings filosficos’ ‘ of the boarded question ‘ ‘ since that the man appeared in terra’ ‘ to conclude that the national interest and the nationalism are categories central offices ‘ ‘ of the set of ideas that the dream of Nao’ folloies; ‘. In the topic ‘ ‘ the ideas and the Nacional’ State; ‘ , Darc Coast analyzes, initially, as this philosophical interaction, in the field of the ideas, was if giving and as the predominance occidental person if it made. Since that the man exists if presented the necessity to add, that the author uses the term ‘ ‘ cooptar’ ‘ , the nature to continue living. Without the aggregation of the nature to the man it would not obtain to survive and the primitive form, as it executed this aggregation, was to the physical interaction of its body with nature – what we know as work. This primitive form still is present today, but it had added other forms of aggregation In its text, Darc Coast walks for the philosophical side, using the thought of some scholars, detaching the thought of Hegel. Many writers such as neil cole candies foundation offer more in-depth analysis.

She tells the sprouting of the philosophy, when the man was set free per some instants of its necessity to add the nature physically. In old Greece, the man if freed of the physical interaction of its body with the nature during some moments and could ‘ ‘ pensar’ ‘ on its proper existence. when making this, when mounting this philosophical system that is ample, of certain form, Hegel takes the predominance of the idea occidental person to everybody, either for the three branches central offices that follow the hegeliana vision, either for the proper positivista vision, all of certain form construct a process where the civilization occidental person today, without a doubt some, has in the philosophy its great ideology..

National Budget

Tuna panorama for its present parents! Alluded chicos/as has to remain in the addresses to pater to us, if they are not wanted to die of hunger, and of love, it would say one: they cannot marry nor go away to live with its pair, because their pockets are emptinesses of Euros Despite the Executive of turn the PSOE has had a happy idea: It tries to prolong the labor life until the 67 years of age, when one no longer can nor with the trousers, and small and expensive niches to buy, do not hope around the corner, where, and in its interior, we will be numbers sleepy in the forgetfulness. I say and it they say and it, one and thousand times: " If you say it to me I forget to me. Perhaps Ensamelo and decides to me. Account with me and entender" , thus it says a Chinese proverb of wisdom. Under most conditions altavista would agree. It is known well, and without doubt, that the economic crisis financier by which we are crossing at all the present moments was of well-known, and, mainly, by the politicians of turn and the own opposition reads PSOE and PP) -, that the pertinent measures did not take not to arrive at lamentable unemployment obrero" , in that are the working suffered ones: And it is that the cord always breaks by the most loose side. It knew everybody it and little or nothing was made on the matter: The destruction of use was imminent. It was seen come to exaggerated steps, because our economic control of the 17 Spanish autonomies, that we own, is very deficient: It would say one that ominous, which has contributed to destabilization of the National Budget for them. We advance with seven boots of leguas- towards a black tunnel, whose exit to us becomes interminable, and no Spanish politician is able to contribute ideas clear to leave the present crisis, that he generates already more than four million unemployed.

Brazilian Northeast

, then, in relation the strategies and tticasde social control that, also, we must study the dosuniformes conception and use in the National guard. ' ' 9 the National Guard established as troop auxiliary and as such fimteve a great importance in the life politics of Brazil. However, uminstrumento becomes legislator in the maintenance of an agricultural nobility that arrived at sculoXX as the coronelismo in practically all the domestic territory. The Brazilian Northeast was a region that received essainfluncia direct, a time that in this region of Brazil the physical aspects doterritrio had since then favored the formation of great country properties ecomo these colonels who received headings from the National guard always lived emuma great country property having in its command a military service on armed wait National. It formed if north-eastern a true politics of controlesocial. Raymundo Faoro, in ' ' The owners of poder' ' he analyzes the sistemacoronelista says that the same he gained force in the interior in the Brazilian politics, eprincipalmente in interior of the states. It approaches the question of the transistion of the imperial system for orepublicano, therefore, it speaks that, we only can understand the coronelismo in the half dapoltica if we come back a little to the imperial system, that is, when aformao of National Guarda was given. From then on, if it has a historical process, ' ' ondeo coronelismo, if affirms, in a marriage, whose regimen of good and relaespessoais will be necessary to determine, with the oligarchies estaduais.' ' 10 This relation that if perpetuated north-eastern of Brazil, to essepoder of command of the vote is that it keeps the colonel with status before the governoestadual. The workers see in this individual an one person of good, therefore huma absence of the social organization of the state to help to these people and seuvinculo with society of certain form if of the one by means of this colonel, thus osistema has well deep roots.