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The Business

Any MLM company should require the dealer monthly more than the consumption of a family as a requirement to collect their commissions. The consumption of telephony, Internet, cleaning agents or any other product. Only what you consume each month, instead of having to buy or pay and store products only to cash your check. The fruit of your work is yours, you’re more active or less. I.e., that each time that a member of your team Bill a second phone, or buy a cream for hands, you should receive a Commission, regardless of whether that month you checked $ 1,000 or 5,000. No are you should steal for not doing what they consider convenient. But they do, and we respect it.

Finally, after all, they are the rules of the game, and although most of the time nobody warned him you before entering the business, once inside assume it and meet, what remedy. Furthermore, it is frowned upon to protest and say what you think. If you don’t like the business, always can go elsewhere clear that your computer stays where is, ceases to be your team to be yours, and thus continue to benefit to your upline and your company. I’m sorry to be so critical, but when you see the truth, and you are aware of the hidden handling of the MLM, return you a little revolutionary however, I have not written this report to make you feel bad, so you think that MLM is a fraud and that you fight against your company at all. The MLM is one of the forms of business more lucrative, simple and rewarding that they exist in the world, and we are fortunate to be here.

What I intend to is quite the opposite. It is that you learn how to use leverage to your advantage. Intelligently, and jumping you harsh conditions of your company.

Enterprise Sector

In Colombia an environmental prize called Blue Planet exists, whose objective is: Impulsar and to recognize organizations, foundations, ONG" s, natural companies, people and/or communities that have distinguished itself by direct actions directed to the education, conservation and recovery of the water. This contest was created in 1993 and since then 9 calls have been abierto, each one of as it includes/understands 2 categories that is to say: enterprise general and. When reviewing the results for call 2008 – 2009 I found a situation that seemed to me representative of the perception of the enterprise sector in Colombia against the protection of the water beyond the norm. The enterprise category east year I am desert. The authorities of to this expose it call of the following way: " For the first time in the history of the prize, the jury declared desert this category, since projects did not appear to the contest that offer substantial advances and improvements in the processes of conservation and recovery of the water and developing innovating programs that go beyond which ambientales&quot demands the law for the fulfillment of the norms;. This situation I am caused curiosity and I deepened more in the characteristics of the call and the dynamics of the same, so I made an analysis of the behavior of this prize in its 16 years of existence, since it is a small sample of the behaviors of the enterprise sector against the hydric resource.

From 1993 to the date 67 prizes have been granted, of which 24 correspond to projects presented/displayed in the enterprise category. To these 24 I classified them projects of the following way: 1 corresponds to handling of residues, 3 to improvements in agricultural benefit and 20 to the management of the water proper. The behavior of this situation can be seen in the following figure: Next we will see some analyses on the 20 specific projects for the management of the water.