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Marcelo this with many homesicknesses of its parents, decided to bind for them and its mother informs that its father this sick person, it already thinks about visiting it. Diana is with an enormous barrigo, exactly opposed, Mrio was obliged to pay the examinations, the prenatal one and all more. Desiane already took some Gustavo times in the republic, Renato as he is Always the only one that it did not like. Koch Brothers has much experience in this field. But in that day it decided to use to advantage the moment to make an invitation, to attend the game between Bosom and the International, smart made this already thinking about going of hitchhiking in the car of Gustavo. It accepted, Deisiane did not like the idea. Joana decided to take Dionatan in a therapist, to deal with to its phobia, and this form to help it to surpass it the fear. Well calm Diana arranged its room, when the cellular burrow from the moment that it takes care of, its dumb mood brusquely.

It freezes when knowing that its parents go to visit it, they does not know that she is pregnant. Natan this of happyest of what never, this completely apaixo- Nado for Juliana, only that nor it imagines, that it friend likes its better, it he has much fear to count the truth Natan and to finish with amizde them two. Deisiane was attending a program in the television when Renato if approaches, the colloquy of the boy is very stranger, and derrepente it tasca a smack to take off the breath in it. Scared it is without reaction and it she leaves quickly as if she had committed a crime. But most incredible it is that it liked it kiss, the night arrives Renato makes the invitation to go to the grenal to the all, Natan, Mrio, Joana and Dionatan accepts Diana nor if it pronounced, Marcelo goes to visit its parents in the day.

Regional Library Network

New library network in the districts of Erlangen-Hochstadt and Forchheim successfully launched Augsburg, June 27, 2008 – just in time for the world day of the book”was” the start of the regional library network, Frankenfindus. About the new Internet platform, the municipal libraries of both districts be networked thanks to the cooperation of the former districts of Erlangen-Hochstadt and Forchheim, so that a significantly enhanced range of media available to the citizens. The libraries of 9 cities and municipalities of Bubenreuth, Eckenthal, Forchheim, Heroldsberg, Herzogenaurach, Germany, Hochstadt/Aisch, Igensdorf, Kalchreuth and Uttenreuth offer approximately 170,000 books, 20,000 CDs, CD-ROMs, videos and DVDs in a common catalogue of Internet. The are looking for work can be in any of the libraries find, takes over the city library of Erlangen. In this way, virtually any book can be ordered. Libraries of different sizes to work together have decided for the first time at frankenfindus.de. Also IT is different; There are Systems of different vendors in use. Another novelty is the range over the entire region of Lower Franconia.

The participating library places stretching from the Rhon to the Untermain. The composite solution of RegioTHEK of the datronic Systems GmbH & co. KG, Augsburg, is based on the regional library network of Frankenfindus”. It is available for almost all library systems and supports libraries with different IT systems. Siegfried fendt

Make Business Online

Trust and credibility, are one of the vital tools you must have our internet business to make this a success. Bearing in mind that small and medium-sized enterprises or independent consultants, we enjoy less trusted by our target audience, we must make strategies to win that trust and credibility of easy and timely manner so that our business progresses. One of these options is to capture at first sight the interest and the attention of visitors, offering them something free, digital books, videos or audios. Thus our target audience will give us their data in exchange for some information, otherwise they will not supply of easily and safely, therefore, the most effective way of doing this is through electronic newsletters with content of quality and of interest to our customers. Other options which can benefit us, is when users subscribe to our Twitter account and try to see what it is we’re doing.

In fact There are many options to appeal to our audience and build trust with our company. It’s simple, just enough to enter a little into the minds of our customers and realise that the first thing they do when they come to the internet, is to check your e-mail, and is there when we went to give them all the information they are most interested. Once we bring them to these contents, we offer audio, video, text only, or they can be in digital reports in PDF format or Word. There are many ways in which we can transmit knowledge. Should we consider our goal is one, convert strangers into friends or subscribers, to then convert those subscribers or friends into customers, and customers who buy us again and again.

What Makes Cartoon

What is different from the Visual Arts cartoon or cartoon, what are the Jouralismus? Pictures to laugh, will answer the most. Differentiated considered uses the cartoon like the caricature of ridicule, irony and sarcasm. He pronounces unpleasant and merely provides follies and wounds. Attacks or reveals a situation of contempt. Unlike the cartoon cartoon be considered but rather humorous. The term caricature is rarely used in English. Rather it is “editorial cartoon”. It remains to be determined, the limits in the use of the words cartoon and caricatures increasingly disappear.

Who reexamined cartoon, determines that they are even with or without text. Text is used differently. Times in balloons, times people are illustrated (if the cartoonist not just… met the “victim”) or the items will be labeled. And then there are the cartoons without text.

We do not count here times the names of the cartoonists. Maybe these are the security copies if the representation can rely only on symbols. Can the other be expressed: as the artist on the cartoon accommodates more words, more decreases the quality of the cartoon. The extreme case would be a written pictorial wit. Who has ever tried to tell a cartoon, have determined that hardly anyone laughs… Cartoons to cartoons have an advantage: they are long-lasting. Cartoons, just on a specific subject, are often only a short life. It is worse if one considers the comprehensibility: only in the narrow context of the time, the cartoon can appear self-explanatory. The cartoon, however, longer can it hold its broader themes. Cartoon could be counted among the fine arts. This can not achieve but the importance of a museum oil ham, monetarily it can not catch up also. So far, still not a cartoon for a million euros was sold at auction. What might that be? Not to determine the drying time of oil, rather that the Viewer can laugh about a cartoon. And laughter is not good for business. Contemplative sink before the work, that will not permanently succeed when watching cartoons. It should be noted: only serious face pushes up the value… The possibility to classify his work in the journalistic genre remains the cartoonist. As a “perfect comment” to an life situation embarrassing for example. But there is already a small nuance there: cartoon not the seriousness as the cartoons will be awarded. A caricature is a picture of become editorial but a cartoon is used as the laughs on the last page. What else, be classified according to its task, function or effect as the cartoon? Then these are neither journalism nor art. We consider the cartoons as “Bildgewordenen spirit”. Roger Schmidt