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Philosophical System

For Epitcio Rodrigues the French philosopher August Comte (1798-1857), living in a period where the ideals of social reform were very present in the speeches of intellectuals as Saint Simon, of who he was secretary for a time, it innovates when defending that the organization or social order rests on a system of beliefs and ideas, that is, in an intellectual system. Thus, the intellectual or philosophical reform if becomes necessary condition of possibility of a social reform (Cf. CORDON, 1983, P. 23). In other terms, without a change of system in the ideas, it will not have revolution politics. From this constatao, Augustus Comte develops a true structuralized philosophical system at three basic moments: the first one is a philosophy of the history, in which it looks for to elucidate the development of the human spirit to justify the positive philosophy; the other characterizes for the recital and classification of sciences; e, finally, presents sociology as capable science of to determine the structure and the processes of social reform, by means of the transformation of the institutions.

It was also intention of Comte to proceed to a religious reform or to establish a new religion. (GIONNOTTI in: COMTE, 1996, P. 8) In the first part of its thought, Augustus Comte if strengthens to justify the positive philosophy historically, leaving of a consideration in which it conceives ' ' the history of the society as being over all dominated for the history of the spirit humano' ' (CORDON, 1983, P. 27). This means that history, while social order and progress of the society, is the result and the manifestation of the progress of the human intellect; thus, its philosophy of history is, in last instance, the history of the progress of the human spirit. Conveniently to explain the true nature and the proper character of the positive philosophy, it is indispensable to have, of beginning, a general vision on the gradual march of the human spirit, considered in its set, therefore a conception any only can well be known by its history.


Reading Prezado: It is certain that the project in addition and dreams are of an immense pain, but the time, in part, makes in them almost that to accept our condition thus I am sending this small summary on some of the subjects that boarding in my book, to reedit! Perhaps it contributes in some way Let us observe that certain people are born almost with a genetic modification not to fear some of the investigations that surround in them. For these reasons, I find important to read until the final o this small sample of ' ' fatos' ' you, expensive reader, to conclude its position. E, if also possible, to show to its friends (enemy, indifferent, etc.) these simple answers, to know its (of them) arguments. Pete Cashmore contributes greatly to this topic. When initiating these visualizaes, I ask for that it tries to open more the angle of the life and in such a way it sees with bigger clarity some effect and causes. The independence of the way is difficult with as many hipnticas chain chains, but we will try.

Generally all we, pparently, like it beefburger to the table, but we do not want to know or to see its way. Our pacts, unconscious or not, are each day more fragile and bringing proportional effect its (ours) camouflage. Former: ' ' explosion demogrfica' ' which we find in them in them they remove many of the pleasures that we could get in the conscience of existing and its segments, the friendship the lesser badness with lives around and also the division of bigger information and access good (01 billion + or? of inhabitants of our species it would be of good size, in this average planet). Unnecessary to mention that we only deal with the other forms lives as machines of maintenance of the human beings, unprovided of directions. It is clearly, we know that the self-destruction is inevitable as ' ' all seen process around ' ' , however in space each lesser time of time and with as much suffering could be, at least, minimized.

Euro Communism

The eurocomunismo has its ancestry in the bulge of the historical complexity peculiar contemporary and to the Stalinismo and the Soviet Union. Mainly in what it understands the invasion and repression of the revolution in the Hungria and the invasion of the old Tchecoslovquia, beyond so well known disputes as the civil war in Spain and as much others that had marked the ominous one and canhestra Soviet politics. The note of these marcantes events of the history of century XX is extremely important to understand the origin of the eurocomunismo, as well as the foundation of its formularizations, has seen, that this, not only lies down to roots in the material unfoldings of the conception of socialism in one alone country together with the theory of popular front e, finally of the influence of the social democracy in moving ' ' the strategy of esgotamento' '. These three mentioned points will be alluded in detail having for base the arguments of Ernest Mandel in: The eurocomunismo. The great Soviet Titanic followed the torque of chaste helm given for the bureaucratic one promoting an inflection rendered unhappy for the future of the human sort.

Bending this that consecrated the inconceivable disfigurements most thundering and to the Marxiana workmanship. The nevrlgico point of all the complaint in question jumps to the eyes, above all, in the uprising of the theory of the socialism in one alone country, what it caused, as it could not leave of being a series of collateral effect, amongst which we can detach the rearrangement of the organizacional structure of the parties and the communist International. Such rearrangement implied in the subordination of the communist parties that passed of: Forces acting in the direction knock down of it of the capitalism in the respective countries (and of the communist International of revolutionary of the imperialista system and the capitalism knocks down the world-wide scale), in with priority instruments of defense of ' ' bastion sovitico' ' , what it induced the automatic and increasing adaptation of the tactics of this and the I.C to the zigzags of the diplomacy of kremlin.