Euro Communism

The eurocomunismo has its ancestry in the bulge of the historical complexity peculiar contemporary and to the Stalinismo and the Soviet Union. Mainly in what it understands the invasion and repression of the revolution in the Hungria and the invasion of the old Tchecoslovquia, beyond so well known disputes as the civil war in Spain and as much others that had marked the ominous one and canhestra Soviet politics. The note of these marcantes events of the history of century XX is extremely important to understand the origin of the eurocomunismo, as well as the foundation of its formularizations, has seen, that this, not only lies down to roots in the material unfoldings of the conception of socialism in one alone country together with the theory of popular front e, finally of the influence of the social democracy in moving ' ' the strategy of esgotamento' '. These three mentioned points will be alluded in detail having for base the arguments of Ernest Mandel in: The eurocomunismo. The great Soviet Titanic followed the torque of chaste helm given for the bureaucratic one promoting an inflection rendered unhappy for the future of the human sort.

Bending this that consecrated the inconceivable disfigurements most thundering and to the Marxiana workmanship. The nevrlgico point of all the complaint in question jumps to the eyes, above all, in the uprising of the theory of the socialism in one alone country, what it caused, as it could not leave of being a series of collateral effect, amongst which we can detach the rearrangement of the organizacional structure of the parties and the communist International. Such rearrangement implied in the subordination of the communist parties that passed of: Forces acting in the direction knock down of it of the capitalism in the respective countries (and of the communist International of revolutionary of the imperialista system and the capitalism knocks down the world-wide scale), in with priority instruments of defense of ' ' bastion sovitico' ' , what it induced the automatic and increasing adaptation of the tactics of this and the I.C to the zigzags of the diplomacy of kremlin.