The Notion

The education of this disciplines can potencializar these capacities, extending the possibilities of the pupils to understand and to transform the reality. The games can be used pra to introduce, to ripen contents and to prepare the pupil to deepen the worked item already. Chemical preparations with care must be chosen and to take the student to acquire mathematical concepts of importance. In accordance with Borin (1996), one of the reasons for the introduction of games in the lessons of Mathematics is the possibility to diminish blockades presented for many of our pupils who fear the Mathematics and feel themselves incapacitated to learn it. Inside of the game situation, where a passive attitude is impossible and the motivation is great, we notice that, at the same time where these pupils say Mathematics, they also present one better performance and more positive attitudes front its processes of learning. ' ' The notion of game applied to the education was developed vagarosamente and penetrated, delayed, in the pertaining to school scope, being systemize with delay, but it brought significant transformations, making with that the learning if became divertida.' ' Schwartz (1966), All the games have rules, and the games worked in classroom do not have to be different. The games can be classified in 3 types: strategical jogos, where the abilities are worked that compose the logical reasoning. With them, the pupils read the rules and search ways to reach the final objective, using strategies for this. The factor luck does not intervene with the result; jogos of training, which are used when the professor perceives that some pupils need reinforcement in one definitive content and wants to substitute the tiring lists of exercises. In them, almost always the factor luck exerts a preponderant paper and intervenes with the final results, what it can frustrate the ideas previously placed; geometric jogos, that have as objective to develop the ability of comment and the logical thought.