PCN Learning

These psicopedaggicas strategies must make the citizen to think on its experience, that internally creates pleasure and effort, that its attitudes are come back toward the citizenship, that its social relations start to be intentional. This, however requires flexibility of planning, understanding in the psicopedaggica action, will of wanting to move together. In this meantime, our necessary reading of simplicity and depth, where the Psicopedagogo is inside of the workshop moving with the brio of the people, making to change them its unbalanced conjunctures. The depth of these interventions is that they had made in to mention them in a paragraph above the question the diagnosis, as such is characterized, for being a process strict systematic and planned that it aims at to search the knowledge of our realities and the phenomena of the learning, and that of certain form uses concepts and psicopedaggicas slight knowledge that are based by some scientific theories. For working with the diversity human being, it holds a magnifying of horizontes for the professor and for the pupil, an opening for the conscience of that the reality where they live is only part of the complex world, fascinating and challenging, in which the underlying and defining universal element of the intersociais and interpersonal relations must be the ethics. It propitiates, still, the perception of that this sociocultural characteristic is expression of a dynamic plurality stops beyond the borders of Brazil, which has been beneficial and estimuladora in the definition of universal values. (Cultural PCN-Plurality.

p.19). From there the necessity of if always carrying through a work of approach between the two systems, searching to help to find mechanisms or more fluid canals of communication and contribution, so that if it can plan the activities and establish commitments that lead to the end of the blockade created in the situations of incoherence. Valley to stand out that our vision is to make to flow, to blossom new chances of sociological quarrels that construct to new methodologies of education and learning.