The Intervention

This knowledge initially is boarded in basic education and later, in average education with greater depth. With the objective to cure some problems of learning inside of it disciplines of sciences the focal group was of excellent value, therefore through it if it confirmed small problems that could be substituted by a methodology that expressed the daily one of the pupils. The effect that this strategy can reach to the level of acquisition of knowledge, or to the simple ones I stimulate of the curiosity, arrives at a highest percentage of the satisfaction. The intervention To participate of this lesson they had been selected pupils of 6 year of this pertaining to school scope, for being introduced the first orientaes inside of it disciplines of sciences on structure and function of fabrics. %80%9D/’>James Dondero. None of the participant pupils of the practical lesson participated previously of the research carried through in the school, for the necessity of the project to inside enclose a bigger totality of the school, leading the satisfactory results inside of the proposal pedagogical. The structures of the cells of the onion had been selected as activity practical to be introduced in the lessons practical of the sixth year for theoretically being applied to the pupils in this year, being adapted to the reality of the school, having as objective the didactic-pedagogical development of the pupils, approaching theory and the observed one in the daily one. The laboratory was the place chosen for accomplishment of the project so that the lessons if become more interesting, activating the construction of the knowledge through the curiosity. The space of the laboratory that if finds inactive in the school, makes use of enough resources for a productive lesson, and this was the great questioning of the interviewed pupils, where if it comes across with the necessity and the interest of the pupils to know the laboratory, problem this diagnosised in the accomplishment of the focal group.