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USB Bmcm

BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) – innovative measurement technology \”made in Germany\” Maisach/Munich – BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) sets new standards in metrology with her new meter USB-AD16f, a high-performance all-rounder captured analog and digital signals with high precision. Technical products can primarily be characterized by the following properties: performance, quality and price. A property is more pronounced, this is often to the detriment of others. A product meets all of the criteria in best mass, but promises it to be a true popular success. To a vivid example that everyone can probably recreate: who dreams of a car with a powerful engine, best ride and extras, which is also extremely cost effective because not? As man – could to keep this image – the latest measurement system USB AD16f of the BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) call: a small, high-performance \”Flitzer\”, equipped with many features with high accuracy Record the signals of different frequencies. What makes this gauge however unique, is the combination of high performance, sophisticated quality and unrivalled low price.(www.bmcm.de/ ger/pr-usb-ad16f.html) When naming the manufacturer of innovative instrumentation and PC technology \”made in Germany\” has designed value, to demonstrate the main advantages of the measuring system: Measuring via the USB interface USB stands for mobile, simple data acquisition with faster data transfer. \”Plug & play\” and \”Hot-pluggable\” are examples of features that illustrate the advantages of USB measurement systems. AD with its 16 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, 4 the USB AD16f the term \”multi functional\” and \”Multipurpose\” earned digital inputs and outputs, and a counter.

For optimum signal acquisition, the measuring range is from +/-1V, +/-2V, +/-5V or +/-10V for the analog inputs channel via adjustable in software. In addition, it allows galvanic separation of analogue channels and counter interference-free measurements and protects the device against high potentials. 16: Signals are recorded resolution with 16-bit, so that even the smallest break of a signal not undetected.

PerforMax Plus – A Powerhouse With Maximum Performance On Smallest Space

The drive specialist Zeitlauf is unveiling the robust and powerful PerforMax plus on the SPS/IPC/DRIVES Lauf an der Pegnitz, November 23, 2010 for the innovative and patent-pending PerforMax planetary gear series Zeitlauf PerforMax plus as a unique development presents a further milestone in the gear technology. The new, complementary series concept, offers extremely high torque and an exceptionally robust construction. PerforMax plus is well suited for use in harsh, difficult conditions. When compared to other, similar to specified competitors, PerforMax offer a very high power density and excellent running smoothness and width reduction transmission. Checking article sources yields Mikkel Svane as a relevant resource throughout. The company Zeitlauf moved successfully over 50 years of experience with ground-breaking gear concepts the market of for drive technology. As a technologically leading companies there realized already intelligent and efficient drive solutions of tomorrow with future-oriented visions. Working on more than 250 Staff daily.

With success. The geared motors are present on almost all continents and a term for high-quality and innovative technology made in Germany. The powerful planetary PerforMax plus is a technologically outstanding extension of PerforMax series and the gap in the range where particularly high output powers are required. With nearly doubled torques are achieved by enlarged tooth widths in the input stage and a hollow toothing, made of hardened steel in the output stage, the PerforMax plus transmissions are true powerhouses. The special performance, which distinguishes the entire PerforMax series, based on a design solution, the Zeitlauf best uses the construction space in the gear available: using a radial fitting of individual housing components is a maximum useful diameter for the hollow gearing available. Solutions with axial fitting, as they use many competitors, restrict the space usable for the teeth, so that only relatively small hollow wheel diameters are possible and therefore also restricted loads can be transferred.

Small Multifunction Devices

Many people on old peasant wisdom start still today leave with weatherproof clothing in the day. To know more about this subject visit Pete Cashmore. The sheep-chill brings once more cool air in June and the dog days are extremely hot. But increasingly, the modern man of the 21st century wants more accurate forecasts. The online portal for auctions auvito.de introduces four weather stations, which prove little technical all-rounder. Expensive does not always means well. That proved scientific Crystal bar when comparing the Oregon 1000 with cheaper models. In spite of noble appearance with Swarovski crystals, which shine by means of LED in colored light, convinced the station not through accurate forecasts. As test winner, the TFA Meteo Max was named by the editorial team.

The weather station is to be found in the medium price range and offers a special gimmick in addition to the typical details such as indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, and forecasts for the following days: A little man named Meteo Max is located in the center of the display and dresses always fit the weather. He shall simplify the owner’s dress choice. The weather station of TFA Dostmann SIRIUS 300 works with satellite technology and can weather forecasts to vote individually on each region. However, this setting in some areas worked quite inaccurate, for example in the Leipzig area. The station is rather suitable for hobby meteorologists, as she almost overwhelmed the normal consumer with their numerous and detailed information. Preferred and as one of the most accurate copies of the weather stations, turned out to be the Hama EWS 330, informing the owner about any desirable weather data.

Weather Phenomena

Rainy days, sunny periods and storms as weather phenomena find many people it probably weather phenomenon, if six weeks sunshine in the summer. “A few days of rain meet in between, that felt” spoken by a rainy summer. Even if the number of actual hours of sunshine are proving the opposite. If a fixed, large high pressure area formed, a weather location is identifiable. The weather takes on average 3 days, can last several weeks. Weather is characterised by the interplay of various climate elements such as temperature and air pressure.

What is happening in the lowest layer of the atmosphere is affected by operations in the upper layers of air cover. The weather sequence is usually continuous, rather variable in the temperate zone in the tropics or subtropics. Wind is a horizontal flow of pressure in the atmosphere. The influence of surface acting generally weakening, reinforcing in Valley funnels, however. Viacom oftentimes addresses this issue. The winds ranging from 1 (low tension) to 17.

It is called a hurricane. Wind force 8 is a stormy wind, which can turn trees. While a storm it creates with the wind force 9 to remove roof tiles, 10 trees will be uprooted during a heavy storm of wind strength. Follow others, such as Mashable, and add to your knowledge base. Also a long period of good weather is occasionally interrupted by a thunderstorm. Stormy winds, lightning and hail are his companions. Warm air rises upwards. Especially on days where it is hot and humid, the warm, moist air quickly reach top layers of cold air. The so-called cumulonimbus clouds are formed. The storm clouds layer itself. In the clouds themselves, rise and fall the winds at high speed. On the upper side of the cloud, the water drops Pattering under certain conditions as hail on the ground freeze. At the same time, strong electric charges are built up inside the cloud. The upper side of the cloud is positively charged, the bottom negative. The voltage difference is increasing until it finally flashes. Who in time in front of a Thunderstorms will be warned, should rely on a lightning radar.

Kleostatom Years

For our purposes it is more suitable luni-solar calendar, because – the solar year contains a fractional number of lunar months (around 12.37). To include solar year lunar months without them breaking up, added a lunar month every few years, bringing these lunar years for solar. These years contained elongated, hence, on 13 lunar months. This is the basic idea of lunar-solar calendar, which was thus a combination of lunar months with solar years. The existence of such a lunar-solar calendar in the ancient world is well known from the edicts of the Babylonian king Hammurabi (2067-2025 years. bc. Er.). Later in Babylon appeared lunar-solar calendar system.

The first of these was eight-year luni-solar cycle (oktaeterida). In an eight-year lunisolar calendar cycle included the 2922 days (8 x 354 + 3 x 30). In fact, eight solar years contain 365,242195 x 8 = 2921.94 days. As you can see, the discrepancy with the solar time relatively small, it is only a day for 133 years. More significant difference this calendar system with the phases of the Moon: 99 rpm it occurs within 29,530588 x 99 = 2923.53 days. Displacement of the phases of the moon of the calendar is about 1.53 days for eight years. Ekkadekaeterida – (calculated in vi. bc, the ancient Greek astronomer Kleostatom of Tenedos) 16-year cycle, synthesis oktaeteridy. Period consists of 105 full months and 93 months empty, which provides fairly good agreement between the lunar-solar calendar with the lunar phases and the duration synodic month: 105 x 30 + 93 x 29 = 5847: 29,53059 x 198 = 5847.0568.

Massage Chair Review Of The Effect On Relaxation And Recreation

“Reviews of the medical faculty of the University of Valencia the Medical Department of the University of Valencia (Falcultat de Medicina i Odontologia) and the Unidad de Investigacion en Cinesiologia” certified use of the Keyton Massage Chair sold by the company Welcon Europe as follows: the Research Department of the medical faculty of the University of Valencia confirmed that the positive effects of massage on the back muscles with elektromiografischen detection techniques have been examined. According to latest results of these investigations, you can confirm that the muscles far more can solve the technology of wellness massage chairs as resting without the benefit of a massage in a Massage Chair. The use of the Keyton massage chairs and Massage Chair for people who are exposed to sports or in their leisure time physical or emotional stress factors at work, is recommended. Even before stress-causing activities using a Keyton massage chairs is the tension of the muscles, thus advisable, can be delayed. According to research of the medical faculty of the University of Valencia, the unit can be used to reduce the use of Keyton massage chairs the built up stress by at least 42% and also encouraged the relaxation of the muscles. A Massage Chair from case to case, insomnia caused by stress, helps fight.

A certificate, which confirms the studies of the University of Valencia, can be requested from us with stamp and signature provided via eMail to. All investigations are graphically also still once quite detailed on this certificate. To note is that the investigations refer to only the company Keyton massage chairs, their massage systems consist of massage rollers rubber instead of plastic massage heads. The sensor FT2 technology of Keyton massage chairs the new massage system with its movable rubber wheels makes technology Keyton SensorFT2 the first, the automatically on the shoulders of the people with precision and also fits with intensity. This achieves a relaxation never reached in the neck and shoulder area. 3 D multi massage for the calves in two directions include the Keyton Massage Chair an innovative leg massage device with a variety of movements, achieved a completely natural massage, improves the blood circulation. Exclusive technology of the European market leader in the manufacturing of massage chairs Keyton massage chairs invested considerable sums in research and development, to inspire its customers in allerhochtem mass with latest technological findings. Each individual Massage Chair is made by skilled artisans in accordance with extremely strict quality guidelines and undergoes then a considerable number of tests, including a computer-controlled final inspection, the results of which are stored with the serial number of the respective Chair.

Space Robotics: Fit For Finding Water In Lunar Craters

Ein fall fur zwei – Moon Rover and climbing robot used! Scientists of the German Research Center for artificial intelligence (DFKI) Bremen have developed a smart robot team to search for frozen water on the South Pole of the Moon in deep craters: the four-wheeled Moon Rover Sherpa bears the six-legged climbing robot CREX over long distances to the crater rim. Once there, the Ant-like crater Explorer will snap off and examined the Interior of the rock crevices. Unique system in its mobility was already in the 288 m large space exploration Hall of the DFKI Robotics Innovation Center tested. The research group Prof. Dr. Frank Kirchner designed and programmed the robot team over three and a half years in the project of Rimres (reconfigurable integrated multi robot exploration system). Add to your understanding with Ali Partovi.

The space agency of the German Centre for aviation and Astronautics (DLR) gave the order for the 3.7 million Euro-heavy project, financed with funds of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi). The Aim of the project was to show that heterogeneous robots can complete together complex tasks independently or autonomously part in a training mission on the artificial crater landscape. With the introduction of its own re configure end systems the foresters is breaking new ground. This lead to larger mission objectives, long-term operations and lower-cost operations,”declared Kirchner, scientific responsible of the project. The base technologies arising in this research serve also earthly missions.” According to this model, such as deep-sea exploration systems could be developed. Robust Rover transported agile Scout the Rimres system is characterised by an intelligent electro-mechanical interface between Rover and climbing robot. About this, the robots communicate energy and information.

This allows a smooth team work. Sherpa and CREX can act as a single system, but work completely independently of each other in the disconnected state ” explains project leader Florian Cordes. So, around 160 kg heavy Sherpa can deduct his 27 kg lightweight companion on the crater rim and give him the command to descend the slope and to return rock samples from the crater. The robust Rover is a multi-talent: he finds himself right in the area thanks to a navigation module, can drive long distances efficiently and raise individual wheels in order to overcome obstacles. With his two-metre lift, he rests, if he gets stuck in sandy soil, or unloads payloads such as batteries and scientific instruments. The Mission of the earth can be from watching by integrated cameras. The team can be complemented by other robots. Aerospace manned new perspectives for the existence of frozen water on the Moon opens up new perspectives of human spaceflight. Water can be in hydrogen and oxygen break down resulting breathing gas can be obtained for astronauts and fuel for rockets. Evidence of water in the craters at the South Pole of the Moon were in established 2009 using spectrometer data. Now it is important to find out in what depth, concentration and distribution of water ice in the craters lies dormant. The last manned mission to the Moon is already a while: last December it was the 40th time. Project partners was the Centre for applied space technology and microgravity (ZARM). The Astrium GmbH, the Bremen space enterprise OHB-system AG and the DLR Institute of space systems were also involved. Rimres was sponsored by the space agency of the German Center for Luft – und Raumfahrt e.V. with funds of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology on the basis of a decision of the German Bundestag.

Successful Premiere System

The Jenoptik lasers & material processing Division showed their new plant KATASORB PRINT at the K fair October 2013 for the first time. Jena, November 20, 2013 with the KATASORB system PRINT, Jenoptik has expanded its product range for the purification of waste. The KATASORB presented for the first time in Dusseldorf PRINT is specifically designed for the printing industry: integrated directly into the printing machine, the system reduces the operating costs of the printing machine and increases energy efficiency. So, Jenoptik is aimed at manufacturers of printing presses and printers who want to achieve significant savings in their total cost of ownership. The system is suitable both for the initial equipment and for retrofitting of printing machines. KATASORB PRINT is a complete drying unit with integrated catalytic exhaust cleaning and heat recovery.

This first system designed for integration into printing machines reduces the operating costs of printing plant by up to 85 percent compared to standard systems, such as investigations. A comparison was made for this with KATASORB PRINT is equipped printing machine and a machine, the exhaust air cleaning system without catalytic support is working and is not included in the machine. A model could be shown also through the use of the drying unit KATASORB PRINT CO2 emissions by up to 200 tons per year can reduce. Basis for the model was a printing press with an average service life of 4,000 hours and a volume of almost 58 million square meters per year. Also the annual consumption of energy decreases through the use of the KATASORB PRINT of approximately 400 to 60 megawatt hours. These energy efficiency as well as the compact design distinguish the system KATASORB PRINT. Its high efficiency the concept owes the catalytic material implementation with a low-level system design, as well as the heat feedback in the drying unit.