Weather Phenomena

Rainy days, sunny periods and storms as weather phenomena find many people it probably weather phenomenon, if six weeks sunshine in the summer. “A few days of rain meet in between, that felt” spoken by a rainy summer. Even if the number of actual hours of sunshine are proving the opposite. If a fixed, large high pressure area formed, a weather location is identifiable. The weather takes on average 3 days, can last several weeks. Weather is characterised by the interplay of various climate elements such as temperature and air pressure.

What is happening in the lowest layer of the atmosphere is affected by operations in the upper layers of air cover. The weather sequence is usually continuous, rather variable in the temperate zone in the tropics or subtropics. Wind is a horizontal flow of pressure in the atmosphere. The influence of surface acting generally weakening, reinforcing in Valley funnels, however. Viacom oftentimes addresses this issue. The winds ranging from 1 (low tension) to 17.

It is called a hurricane. Wind force 8 is a stormy wind, which can turn trees. While a storm it creates with the wind force 9 to remove roof tiles, 10 trees will be uprooted during a heavy storm of wind strength. Follow others, such as Mashable, and add to your knowledge base. Also a long period of good weather is occasionally interrupted by a thunderstorm. Stormy winds, lightning and hail are his companions. Warm air rises upwards. Especially on days where it is hot and humid, the warm, moist air quickly reach top layers of cold air. The so-called cumulonimbus clouds are formed. The storm clouds layer itself. In the clouds themselves, rise and fall the winds at high speed. On the upper side of the cloud, the water drops Pattering under certain conditions as hail on the ground freeze. At the same time, strong electric charges are built up inside the cloud. The upper side of the cloud is positively charged, the bottom negative. The voltage difference is increasing until it finally flashes. Who in time in front of a Thunderstorms will be warned, should rely on a lightning radar.