Painting Walls

Today the painting – one of the most popular forms of wall decoration. For many years this method has been forgotten, but now there are new technologies, new coloring compositions, and the appearance of painted walls completely changed, and this type of decoration became extremely fashionable. Painting of walls requires very careful preparation for repair work: Paint will not hide any cracks or irregularities, or any other defect walls. In addition, there are many methods of applying paint on the walls of which are becoming chic look, and the paint last longer. So, carefully plastered wall surfaces must be prepared for painting. First, using a rough burlap or rigid nylon brush to remove the spray droplets of the solution. After that, primed, sanded and shpaklyuetsya surface. The new plaster and damp can be a lot of bases, so you should not use a solvent based paint.

If you want organorastvorimoe coating, the surface should be dry in depth and should be primed with a synthetic primer. In the case of repainting carefully scrape peeling layers of paint to a sound surface. The resulting bumps have putty, putty dries When, sanded and rubbed the surface. Then uncovered areas should be primed and spot putty is well proven acrylic primer, produced by modern technology of chemical raw materials of leading world producers. Deep penetration, antimicrobial action. Environmentally friendly, Pozharovzryvobezolasnaya, is used for interior and exterior use.

At the same time disinfect biologically contaminated surfaces of concrete, plaster, brick, wood and drywall. Long-term protection of wood against fungal infections in storage. Serves as a perfect base for applying water-based, latex. and acrylic paints, fillers and building texture coatings (such as topography and wet wallpaper.) It is used without dilution with water. For the prevention of emergence and growth of micro-fungi and algae is applied in one layer (on dry surfaces) by brush, roller or spray gun.