Seam roof and its advantages: ease of material (1m2 weighs between 3 – 7 kg) does not require a particularly strong truss system; Prolonged operation of roofing, (decades) Good anti-corrosion metal mounting modern methods – fast and more reliable, this choice of material – is huge, its color and style can not fail to please!; seam roof and its shortcomings: The virtual absence of sound insulation, high thermal conductivity of the roofing material, depending on the material – high prices, the (relative). Seam roof, is the type of lock which connects the two parts of pictures (single or double rebate) for this purpose faltseprokatny machine. The picture is called, roofing, made of sheet material. Seam roof, consists of paintings (recently – tape) This is a roll material cut to the length of the roof slope, passed through faltseprokatny machine. At the output we have a picture, prepared under the (usually) a double standing seam. In this case, the seam is a seam pattern.

Seam roof is made with the use of the machine can faltseprokatnogo installed as a stand-up and bed-fold. According to the technology used on roofs of both of these types of connections. For example standard: standing seam, the seam is located along the (vertical) slope of the roof connecting the picture. Recumbent fold – this connection is a horizontal painting. Faltseaya roof connected to a double standing seam – provides almost 100% protection against leaks! Old days are gone, they were replaced, modern semi automated. Now cover large areas of the roof does not take much and the quality of work in a hundred times safer, faster, better. How did this all happen? All work is done with the help of special roofing tools. Here is a sample machinery manufacturing standard seam roof: Suppose you want to cover a large area of relatively flat area of the stationary roof.